About the Author

B. Jarosz
...has been providing data and analytical insights to decision-makers in public policy, planning, not-for-profit, and economic development for more than a decade. She also has considerable college teaching experience.

Ms. Jarosz has worked on cross-disciplinary teams on research including demographic and economic estimation and forecasting, land use scenario analysis, transportation planning, economic development, and public health studies. She brings a wide range of practitioner knowledge into the classroom. In addition, preparation for classroom lectures keeps her current on subjects relevant to her work as an analyst.

Her publications include research on best practices in data management, trends in fertility and mortality, and unique population estimation and forecasting techniques.

She is often a keynote speaker at community and business events, a guest-lecturer at colleges and universities, and is often invited to present at national conferences and workshops.

See the Research, Publications, and Press page for a selected list of recent work.

Visit her Tableau Gallery for data visualizations.

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