Friday, November 30, 2012

Data link roundup (week of November 30, 2012)

The week's top data analysis links...


The Economist magazine posted its data analysis Advent calendar. Each day a new "most popular chart of the year" will be revealed.


It has long been suspected that the cultivation of potatoes played a starring role in the demographic transition by increasing nutrition and extending life expectancy. New estimates suggest that a quarter of "Old World" population growth from 1700 to 1900 can be attributed to the tuber.
Source: Library of Congress

TO SECEDE OR NOT TO SECEDE? (Actually, that's not the question...)

Despite widespread media hype about the post-election secession movement, and reports of nearly a million signatures collected across 60 petitions filed on the White House website, careful analysis of the data show that many of the signatures were the result of single individuals signing multiple petitions.

Once duplicates were removed, only 0.1% remained (about 300,000 signatures in a nation of more than 310 million people), according to results published by Neal Caren at UNC Chapel Hill.


Things on a university website:
Source: xkcd

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