Friday, July 5, 2013

Data link roundup (week of July 5, 2013)

The week's top data analysis links...
In light of the Texas filibuster (and subsequent second special session) this week's theme: facts and figures relating to reproductive rights

The Economist maps the current state of reproductive services available (or rather, not available), by county, in the United States.
Source: The Economist

Slate's new maps shows reproductive rights around the world including abortion laws, abortion restrictions, contraceptive laws (including hormone-based contraception, IUD, and condom laws), and much, much more...
Source: Slate

And last, but not least...
In a little-discussed, but highly relevant factor in the reproductive rights debate, The Economist charts the declining rate of abortions and abortion-related deaths since Roe v. Wade.
Source: The Economist

While correlation does not prove causality, the trend does provide a compelling case that legalization did not, in fact, increase abortions. What legalization did was reduce the number of maternal deaths.


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