Thursday, January 18, 2018

Where do go for data if the federal government shuts down (2018 edition)

Because we're in the countdown to shutdown again, data users should know that most federal websites will shut down when the government does... 

Here are some other helpful data resources, ranging from national to state and local downloads, to get you through any dark days with no federal data access:
You may also want to try the "Wayback Machine," an online archive of webpages.

For state-specific data... here are links provided by readers and colleagues around the nation:

Check the Clearinghouse of SDCs for a comprehensive listing of Census State Data Centers, or refer to one of these state-based resources:

Please tweet me @DataGeekB if you have recommendations to add to the list!

Special thanks to @mecline6@censusSDC, @SR_Spatial@MetroGram@CarlSchmertmann and @NDCompass for recommending several links.

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